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  Thailand Private Investigator Detectives.

We spy on Bar girls-Pattaya Girls-Husbands and cheating Thai Girlfriends in Bangkok-Pattaya-Phuket-Hua Hin and throughout Thailand. Even if she is a Thai lady of good standing,she may cheat.

Here at Bargirl-spy Thailand Private Investigators we have been involved in the field of Fidelity check, private investigations on Thai girls since 2000. The company is led by a former Police Officer with vast experience and knowledge relevant to the industry & the Thai nightlife scene .

Other members of the team include former lawyers all with a wealth of investigative experience.

 Based in Pattaya,Phuket & Bangkok Thailand, Bargirl-spy Private Investigations is perfectly placed to use there services throughout Thailand including issan,Phuket,Pattaya,Bangkok,Udon Thani.
Inquiries nationally and internationally have been successfully undertaken,including Hong Kong,Singapore,Bali and Cambodia.

As a Thai Private Detective Agency, what sets Bargirl-spy Investigations apart from its Thai competitors?

  • Our accomplished team of Thailand Private Investigators  have an incredibly varied investigative history and this means they are more than competent at handling difficult and involved cases.
  • We won't take a 'blinkered' approach to your investigation, but instead we will always endeavor to tailor a solution that will suit your specific needs.
  • Our aim is to assist you, the client, in reaching a successful conclusion to what are generally difficult circumstances by the most cost-effective method possible.
  • We understand how difficult it can be when issues are very sensitive, so we will always attempt to keep you, the client, informed and up-to-date as an investigation unfolds.
  • Bargirl-spy Thailand Private Investigations has a proven track record and as a result many of our previous clients have recommended our professional services to a friend or colleague time and time again.

The integrity
 of our Investigators ensures that your Private Investigation will be treated with compassion, discretion and in complete confidence.
We are data protection registered and adhere to a strict code of ethics.  Private Investigators get the truth:

Our Bangkok Private Investigator services are available throughout Thailand & beyond. 
So if you require the services of a Bangkok Private Investigator, a Pattaya Investigator, a Phuket Investigator, a Chiang Mai Investigator or a Hua Hin Investigator contact us now. 
We also have agents in Cambodia,Singapor,Hong kong and Vietnam so Bargirl-spy can help.

Our unparalleled experience in this field, coupled with our investigative and covert urban surveillance skills, enable our private Investigators to blend in. 

We believe in Truth and Professionalism ,and this is why we are the premier Bargirl/Non Bargirl Private Private Investigators Detective Agency in Thailand.

Bargirl-spy Pattaya Private Investigators are experts in Thai girl Fidelity checks on,Bargirls,Girlfriends and Husbands.

We have Investigators operating in Bangkok,Phuket,Chiang Mai,
 Pattaya and Hua Hin. 
Available within 24 hours notice
ready to uncover your cheating thai girlfriend or Husband

Cheating Girlfriend:
Thai Cheating Spouse

Is your new Thai Girlfriend Honest?

Did you meet her whilst she was working in a bar in Pattaya?

Has she promised to finish work bar as long as you continue to send her money?.

Does she still have a
 Thai Boyfriend lurking in the background

Do you have trouble contacting her ?

Is her phone off ?

Is she acting strange when you speak with,maybe you feel there could be another man in the room with her.

* Met in a gogo bar,nightclub,beer bar or soi 6

*Doesnt answer her phone when you call,or wont show you her phone when you are with her,maybe she goes to another room when someone calls

*Constantly asks for money

*Hearing other mens voices in the background

*Wanting to know the exact date you will arrive in Thailand (arrange her other boyfriends)

*Doesnt have a regular job

*Disappears for days at a time and says she was back in the village


    Has your Thai girlfriend ever worked in a bar, go go bar, massage parlour, or is she still working in a bar, go go ,or other nightlife establishment in Thailand.

    Was your thai girlfriend/wife working in a bar go go, or other nightlife establishment when you met her,but now swears that she has quit,yet when you call her late at night she either doesnt answer her phone,or you hear loud music in the background.

    Does your Thai girlfriend semm unavailable on her phone during times when she should be able to be reached?

    Does your Thai girlfriend try to hide her phone when you are around or put it in silent mode and then go in to another room if a call or sms comes through.

    Does your Thai girlfriend have conflicting stories that change all the time

    Does your Thai girlfriend have more than one phone and email address

    Our Private Investigators will check out the situation and get you all the facts.
    You deserve peace of mind and we can guarantee, our private investigators will deliver.

  Private Investigators get the truth:

    *Do you trust her

    *Will she lie to you

    *Does she want money

    *How many other men are sending her money

    *Does she love you

    *Did she finish working Bar

    *Is she pregnant

    *Does she do extras with the massage

    *Is she attending school

    *Did she go back to the village 

    *Is her phoned turned off

    *Is she really sick in hospital

    *She works massage,does she do extras

    *Are you looking for an Ex-girlfriend

    *Telephone fidelity check

    *Husband Cheating on his Vacation