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Dubai-spy offers close protection Bodyguard services in Dubai for clients from a wide range of backgrounds and professions.

Our goal is to offer a tailored, discreet and utterly professional approach to your security requirements in Dubai

Most close protection operatives have a military background and all operatives are fully SIA licensed and trained in bodyguard duties such as:

• Residential Security in Dubai
• Security Drivers in Dubai
• VIP Protection Team in Dubai
• Airport Collection Service

Client safety and privacy is of uttermost importance to the dedicated close protection team. They are the ultimate deterrent against theft, vandalism and threatening behaviour.

Professional bodyguards in Dubai for:

• Diplomats
• Celebrities
• Executives
• Religious Leaders
• High Net Worth Individuals
• Any Person Requiring 100% Reliable Security Services

We believe that providing personal protection bodyguarding is an art, not a science, as no two protection details are the same.
Our approach to providing personal, property and estate protection, sets us apart from other companies in the industry.
Dubai-spy bodyguards Dubai believes that our services should encompass more than a presence. We understand that lifestyle, corporate culture, family, and other considerations make each principal’s needs unique.
Our personnel are highly trained to be interactive facilitators. Dubai-spy Bodyguards professionally ensure that all aspects of the client’s protection and security are addressed.

Arrange your personalised close protection,Bodyguard service in Dubai

Book your initial, no obligation consultation with the security experts, simply fill in the close protection form with your contact details and requirements in Dubai.
Alternatively please call us regarding close protection Bodyguards in Dubai

Expect a fast and professional response to your bodyguard enquiry.

Rupert Goldsmith (ME)

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