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1. Your Thai girlfriend worked as a prostitute or worked within the vicinity of prostitutes

If your Thai girlfriend used to work in a bar or GoGo club then you must dump her immediately. I don’t care if she was the cashier at the club or “just a server” she is surrounded by Thai’s who in the western world would be concidered “bad news”. Would you date a girl like this back home?

2. Your Thai girlfriend cheated on you

Once a cheater always a cheater and in Thailand that could mean you end up with a nasty disease. I’m not talking about a drunk makeout session i’m talking about going to lengths to meet other guys, if she says she’s “just friends” kick her to the curb.

3. Your Thai girlfriend is super jealous

In my experience most Thai girls I’ve ever dated have been jealous but that’s a natural thing for all girls Thai or Farang. The difference or perhaps the line that get’s crossed is when she starts calling the other girls, following you around and general stalker behaviour. If it’s already at this point you’re going to have a tough time even getting rid of her so that’s why you should do it immediately before it gets to the chopping your dick off stage.

4. Your Thai girlfriend is abusive

Does your Thai girlfriend hit you? Does she scream at you? Does she cuss at you a lot? As soon as this starts happening you should get rid of the girl immediately, it might even mean you have to move apartments as well, she’s a psycho bitch and things will only get worse. 

5. Your Thai girlfriend gets annoyed at everything you do

This could work both ways as well like if you get annoyed at everything she does as well. This is a sign that things just arn’t working out. It’s a physiological response to the fact that either you or her just don’t like each other anymore. Take the warning sign and give her the divorce papers immediately.

5. She’s ugly

I can never understand with all the beautiful women in Thailand and the available selection of good looking Thai girls that decent looking guys come to Thailand and end up dating some really hideous girls. Hey I know some less than average girls, and sure i might have done them also but to make one my girlfriend, sorry bro that ain’t going to happen. 

6. Your Thai girlfriend has unresolved addictions

Does she smoke, do drugs, or gamble? Especially gambling then get rid of her now. People rarely come out of addictions especially those with an addictive personality more than likely you’re going to end up paying for these addictions as well. Maybe you like her because your into these things as well, is she really going to make you a better person if she’s just like you? 

7. Your Thai girlfriends family are leeches

Actually this reason for dumping your Thai girlfriend should even be ranked higher than 7 but it’s just a list and not in any order. The family asking for money is the one reason why you should break up with her immediately. Things are never going to improve and even if you gave her family a million dollars there will be a time they’ll come back and ask for more. Does your Thai girlfriend have a mother that calls her only when she needs money? And you don’t need to speak Thai to know this because after she get’s the call that day she will ask to send money. A family who is not fiscally sound or fiscally responsible will transcend to their kids. Stay with this girl and you’ll be broke in a few years. Break it off now!

8. Your Thai girlfriend is lazy

If you’re girlfriend keeps a messy house, can’t cook, and lacks any ambition then what are you doing with her? If it’s just for the sex hell you can have 10 giks to do that for you without the emotional hassle. 

9. Your Thai girlfriend lies about everything

If your Thai girlfriend tells you little lies that you know about then don’t let her on because she’s likely to slip up on a big lie as well. Thai girls who lie will lie forever you can’t change them nor can you trust them. The only good thing to do with a liar is to get rid of ‘em.

10. She doesn’t love you the same way you love her